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Which order statuses are fetched into Primaseller?

Primaseller fetches open orders/ Unshipped orders from your online channels. Given that the nomenclature of status varies by channel, we have listed below the status per channel that we fetch into Primaseller.

If some order is already present in Primaseller (fetched orders), then it will get reconciled(matched) based on the corresponding order status on the channel.

Criteria to fetch Online orders into Primaseller

While configuring the online channel the order fetch date can be set (Main menu >> Channels >> Online channel >> configuration >> connection configuration). As per the date set in channel configuration, the orders will be fetched from your online channel to primaseller.

 Orders which come in have to satisfy two conditions:

  1. They have to be in the unshipped status (that status name can change depending on the channel)
  2. They have to be created after the date set in the connection settings.

For example, I can set this date to be the 6th of October.  Even if the channel was connected to Primaseller on the 8th of October, if the set date is 6th of October and there are orders from 6th of October and 7th of October that have not been shipped, they will be fetched even though the online channel was first connected with Primaseller for the first time only on 8th of October.

The following table illustrates the different order / fulfillment / shipment statuses for which we fetch orders from different sites.

Online Channel
Channel field considered
Orders are fetched for
Additional Comments

Order Status
Awaiting Fulfillment, Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting Pickup, Awaiting Payment.
Awaiting Payment orders are only fetched if the payment method contains the string “cash on delivery”.

Order Status
Processing, Pending payment, On-hold
Pending payment and On-hold orders are fetched when the payment method is COD/BACS/Cheque.

Fulfilment status
Fulfillment status is empty
All the orders whose Fulfillment Status is empty will be fetched.

Order Status
Completed, Cancel_pending
Order Status
Shipped and unshipped orders

For orders which are shipped, only those orders are fetched for which the shipment status is pending pickup.

Updated on October 16, 2020

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