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Supplier and Supplier catalog

A supplier is a person or an organization which supplies your products to you. You can raise a Purchase order to your supplier and he will deliver your products.

Adding a supplier in Primaseller

To add a new supplier in Primaseller, please navigate to Main menu >> Purchasing >> Suppliers >> add new supplier.

  • Give supplier details. Name, Company, Supplier code, Tax number, payment terms and currency.
  • Give supplier contact. Name, Email and phone.
  • Give the supplier address.
  • Notes & Tags: you can have printed instructions that will be printed on the PO’s generated for this supplier. You can have internal notes added to the supplier as well as supplier tags.
  • Advanced: You can enable approval for the supplier in which case any PO generated for this supplier needs approval before being sent. You can also enable automated purchasing for the supplier.

Supplier Actions

When you navigate to Main menu >> Purchasing >> Suppliers and click on a supplier, you will see the following supplier actions:

  • Edit: You can edit the supplier details using this action.
  • Create PO: You can create a new PO against this supplier.
  • Archive: This action will deactivate the supplier. You will not be able to create PO’s or add SKUs to this supplier after archiving.
  • History: Shows you the history of the supplier. Any changes made to this supplier or supplier SKUs will be logged here.

Supplier Catalog

The supplier catalog consists of the SKUs and their prices and quantities which the particular supplier provides to you.

To view the supplier catalog of a supplier, please navigate to Main Menu >> Purchasing >> Suppliers >> Supplier Name >> Supplier Catalog.

Here, you can add supplier SKUs by the following ways:

Add new SKU: Click on this action button to add a new SKU to the supplier. Select the SKU to be added, give the details – Supplier SKU code, Supplier SKU Name, Cost, Quantity, etc and save to add an SKU to the supplier.

Upload via CSV: You can add multiple SKUs to the supplier using a CSV file upload. Select the file, Map the headers in the file to Primaseller headers and upload, your SKU will be added to the supplier.

Supplier SKU actions

Supplier SKUs have the following actions on them:

Edit: Lets you edit the Supplier SKU details.

History: Lets you check the history of the particular supplier SKU, all the changes made to the SKU will be captured in history.

Delete: Will delete the SKU from the supplier catalog.

Updated on November 22, 2019

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