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Service SKU Upload

  • Navigate to Main Menu Catalog>> Master Catalog >> Service >> Upload to Import >>Upload via CSV.
  • Select the file that contains your SKUs.
  • Before you upload the file, it is necessary for you to map the headers in your file to the expected Primaseller fields.
  • Refer to the table below to know about the Primaseller fields for service SKUs upload.

Please make sure that the file you are uploading is a .csv (comma separated values) file format only.

Primaseller Field NameMandatoryData TypeComments
IDNoInteger ID is mandatory when you are updating SKUs via upload. For adding new Products leave the field blank.
SKU NameYesString
SKU CodeNoString If Auto Generate SKU Code is enabled, then code generated will override the code given in the upload.
Default PriceYesNumberEnter a numerical value only. Decimals are allowed.
Category IDYesInteger
Category NameNoString
TagsNoList of Values Only Tags added on the account settings are accepted. Multiple tags can be added by semi colon separated values.
Updated on July 6, 2020

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