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Receiving Area and Putaway


Receiving area and Putaway Transactions are very specific to Facilities of type “Warehouse” that have bin locations.

Inventory received in a standard location immediately becomes available and does not need to be added to a receiving area first.

If your facility has Bin Locations enabled, then any inventory received from a Purchase Order, Transfer Order or Sale Order Return will be placed in an area called the Receiving Area or the Pending Putaway area.

The Putaway is a transaction generated to take inventory from Received Area or Damaged Area and add it to the stock bins. The system generates the recommended bin but the user has to confirm which bin it was added to.

A Putaway can only be created for a facility with bins.

States of a Putaway

  1. Open – When a putaway is created it will be in open state. Open putaway is editable, items can be added or removed from an open putaway.
  2. Void – only Open Putaway’s can be voided.
  3. In-Progress – A putaway for which the putaway process has started. A user will be putting items in the bins for that putaway.
  4. Finished – When all items in a putaway are marked as done, the putaway will move to finished state.

Creating and processing putaway

  1. Navigate to Main Menu >> Inventory >>Receiving Area>> Putaway >> Select Facility >> View items pending put.
  2. Select the SKUs to be putaway and create putaway.
  3. Assign a user and save -> A Putaway will be created.
  4. You can print a Putaway by using the Print Putaway command.
  5. The User can start the putaway process by clicking on Start Putaway.
  6. Select the SKU, Select the quantity being put
  7. Provide the Bin Location where the stock is being placed and mark the row as done.
  8. When all items are put in bins, the Putaway will change to finished.
Updated on July 15, 2020

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