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Purchase Order and Purchase Receipts

A purchase order is an official document issued to a supplier to indicate the products and quantities required by you.

To view purchase orders please navigate to Main Menu >> Purchasing >> Purchase Orders.

Creating a Purchase Order

  • To create a purchase order, navigate to Purchase orders and click on New Purchase Order.
  • Select the supplier and the facility you want the items to be delivered to.
  • Select the estimated completion date.
  • Add SKUs and their quantities.
  • You can either save the PO or send the PO.
  • If the supplier needs approval, you can save the PO or send the PO for approval.
  • The purchase order will be created.

States of Purchase Orders

  • Open PO: A PO is created, but it has not been sent to the supplier yet. You can add or remove items from an open PO.
  • Pending Approval: A PO is generated and saved, but it has not been approved yet.
  • Sent: A PO has been generated and is sent to the supplier.
  • Void: A PO has been voided, you cannot send it or edit it after voiding.
  • Receipt in progress: You have sent a PO to your supplier and you are now receiving the items.
  • Closed: A PO has been sent, the items have been received and there are no further actions on this PO you mark it as closed.

Purchase Receipts

Whenever you receive items from a purchase order, a purchase receipt will be generated for these items. You can either receive all the items of a purchase order or you can receive a few items. A PO can have multiple purchase receipts.

Main Menu >> Purchasing >> Purchase Receipts.

Receiving items from a Purchase order

  • Open the Purchase Order.
  • Click receive items.
  • Give the invoice number and invoice date.
  • Add the SKUs that you are receiving and their quantities.
  • Add the cost price and batch if applicable.
  • Save the receipt. A receipt will be created.
Updated on November 29, 2019

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