Manifests are a collection of shipments that are assigned to a single shipper. Shipments in a manifest can be processed at the same time. You can mark them shipped or add tracking details or mark them delivered at a time to all the shipments in a manifest.

Creating a Manifest in Primaseller

  1. To create a manifest you will need to process a sale order and assign shipper.
  2. Once the shipper is assigned to an order, go to Sale orders >> View Orders >> Select Order >> Fulfillment >> Shipment actions >> Add to manifest.
  3. You can create a new manifest in which case a new manifest will be created for the selected shipper.
  4. You can add the shipment to an existing manifest by using add to an open manifest and selecting the existing manifest.
  • Main Menu >> Sale Orders >> Manifest.
  • A Manifest will have an open or closed state.
  • An open manifest can have shipments added to it. An open manifest can also be discarded.
  • If all the shipments in a manifest are marked as shipped the manifest will move to closed state.
Updated on January 14, 2020

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