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Manage Order Cancellations

As per your return or cancellation policy, you can cancel the orders. Primaseller allows you to cancel only B2B, Custom Orders and online orders.

POS Order cancellation

POS Orders cannot be cancelled once they are created. You can only mark them as returned. More details about POS order return read this article.

B2B and custom orders cancellation

You can cancel unshipped B2B and Custom Orders

  • completely (by marking all order items as canceled), or
  • partially (only a few order items are marked as canceled)

An item can be canceled only before it is shipped. Once the Shipments are marked as Shipped, they can only be Delivered and Returned.

Steps to cancel an order

  • From your Primaseller account Main menu, go to sale orders and click on view orders
  • Click on the order number.
  • Click on the top right ⋮ and select cancel order.
  • Select Cancel all items from the order or cancel some times in the order.
  • Click on save.

Steps to cancel an item in the order or Partially cancel an order.

  • From your Primaseller account Main menu, go to sale orders and click on view orders
  • Click on the order number.
  • Select Cancel item.
  • Provide the quantity to be cancelled and click on yes.

Note, an order item can be canceled only if it hasn’t been shipped yet.

Online order Cancellation

An online order can be cancelled completely or Partially in Primaseller.

The extent to which an order can be cancelled also depends on the channel to which it belongs.. There can be channels that don’t allow vendors to cancel orders from their end and attempts made to cancel orders can be rejected. In such scenarios, you would need to submit requests for cancellations with the channel separately.

Partial Cancellation for online orders

Some online channels allow partial cancellations and some do not allow. If you try to partially cancel an order for an online channel that doesn’t allow partial cancellation from Primaseller then it will throw up an error and you will not be allowed to partially cancel that order in Primaseller.

Partial Cancellations are:

  • Allowed: Amazon
  • Not Allowed: WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify

In case you want to partially cancel an order for a channel that does not allow partial cancellation then we recommend you initiate a partial refund from the online channel and that will reflect in Primaseller.

If a partial refund for orders (of the online channels that allow or don’t allow partial refund) is done on Primaseller, it won’t reflect in your online channel. However, a partial refund done on an online channel will reflect in Primaseller.

Steps to Partially cancel an online order in Primaseller and Initiate a refund:

  • From your Primaseller account Main menu, go to Online sale and click on sale order.
  • Click on the order number.
  • Click on Cancel item.
  • You can either reduce the quantity or cancel that item.
  • Click on Yes.
  • Click on Invoice and payment.
  • Click on ⋮ and tap on refund amount.
  • Provide the amount and payment method.
  • Click on refund.

Online order cancellation from online channel vs from primaseller

Destination (to) 
Detect a Cancellation
eBay Primaseller Yes
Cancel Order
Partial Order Cancellation
PrimasellerAmazon Yes
Detect Partial cancellationAmazonPrimasellerYes

Effect of canceling order items on the invoice

All the canceled order items will be removed from the invoice and only the remaining items will be displayed on the invoice. In case all the items are canceled (i.e. the complete order is canceled), the invoice, if generated, will be voided.

Effect of canceling order items on shipments

If an order item is canceled after being added to a shipment, it will be removed from the shipment and the remaining shipment remains as is.

If that order item was the only active order item in the shipment, then the shipment will be discarded.

Impact on QBO

Refer QBO article for more details about return and refund impact on QBO.


Q. I selected the order and tried to cancel it, but the process failed. Why?

A. An order cancellation can fail due to the following reasons:

  • The channel to which the order item belongs doesn’t allow the seller to cancel the items from their end
  • The channel doesn’t allow partial cancellation of an order and you were trying to cancel only some of the order items
  • The order items are being processed (i.e. in shipped or post shipped stage) and cannot be cancelled now
  • There was a technical issue during the cancellation

A message citing the reason for the cancellation failing is displayed on the screen.

Q. I want to cancel an order but I am unable to find the cancel button. What to do?

A. Please check the order status. Only orders which are not yet shipped can be cancelled.

The cancellation option can even be disabled/hidden for the orders of a few channels which don’t allow cancellation even if shipper has been assigned or pick up has been scheduled.

Q. I have marked a few order items as cancelled on Primaseller. Will they be marked as cancelled on Amazon (or any other online channel) as well?

A. It depends. Some marketplaces/online channels let you cancel orders via APIs and some don’t. Channels which allow cancellation via APIs, which primaseller would have implemented, will be updated with the cancelled orders. When you try to cancel orders of channels which do not allow such activity, you will be notified during the cancellation flow.

Q. One of the orders has been marked as cancelled on Amazon. Will the order be updated automatically on Primaseller or will I have to do it manually?

A. Yes. It will be updated and marked as cancelled on Primaseller automatically.

Q. In the above case, if the answer is ‘Yes’, what will happen to the inventory level of that product on Primaseller?

A. It will be added back (i.e. re-stocked)

Q. Can I cancel a POS order (or an order-item from it)?

A. No. As soon as a POS order is created, it is treated as completed, which is equivalent to the status of a delivered online order. You can still mark the order (or order items) as returned.

Updated on October 28, 2020

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