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Inventory Plans in Primaseller

Inventory plans in Primaseller are a configuration, for each facility, which allows you to:

  1. Identify SKUs which are low on stock or backordered based on Inventory Tracking Levels in the form of downloadable reports
  2. Automatically create Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders basis these reports if you choose to do so

Inventory Tracking

Navigation: Inventory > Inventory Planning >>Inventory Tracking

Before inventory plans can be configured, Inventory Tracking configuration needs to be setup. For each SKU in a given facility, a user can choose to set the following fields:

  • Enable Inventory Tracking: Enabling this will allow you to track this SKU in the Inventory Plan reports
  • Replenishment Mode: Purchase or Transfer or None
    • If None, this SKU will only appear in a report but no auto PO or TO will be created
    • If Purchase – based on the trigger event, a PO will be created
    • If Transfer – based on the trigger event, a TO will be created.
  • Replenishment Trigger: Low Stock or Backorder. If Low Stock, then the user will have to provide:
    • Re-Order Point – the inventory level at which it needs replenishment
    • Re-Stock Level – the target inventory level to which it needs to go to on replenishment

Creating an Inventory Plan

Navigation: Inventory > Inventory Plans

Subscription: Each Inventory plan is an add-on that needs to be purchased before configuring. One Facility needs only one Inventory Plan.


  1. Click on Create Inventory Plan
  2. Select the facility for which the plan is being configured
  3. Select a frequency basis which the plan will generate a report
  4. Add comma separated email IDs as recipients of the report
  5. If you want to automatically generate POs or TOs or both – select the Auto Replenishment Options accordingly
  6. If an existing PO or TO has been manually edited, you can choose to override the required quantity the next time the Inventory Plan is executed using the option “Override manual updates to items on existing Open POs/TOs on next scheduledNoCancelSave”
  7. Click on Save

Once a plan is saved, it will run as per schedule and generate reports as well as POs and TOs.

Updated on August 21, 2020

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