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Inventory Overview


Inventory in Primaseller refers to the physical quantity of your SKUs that is stored in facilities. In addition to quantity present, Primaseller also stores additional information like purchase date, supplier details and cost of purchase. Depending on whether you have enabled the settings, it can further hold the batch numbers and expiration dates.

Main Menu >> Inventory>>Stock levels


Facilities are the physical locations that hold the inventory. Facilities belong to a business unit. You have two types of facilities in Primaseller:

Standard Locations: These facilities do not have sub-locations like bins or a receiving area. All Inventory is considered as a whole in this location.

Warehouses: These are facilities that have sub-locations called Bins. Bins are a part of a hierarchy consisting of Floors, Aisles and Racks.

Stock Levels

When you navigate to Inventory > Stock Levels, you will be asked to select a facility. Once the facility is selected, you will see the SKUs and the corresponding inventory counters. These are as follows:

On Hand: The total inventory present at the facility. This includes the inventory allocated to orders and the inventory available for sale.

Available: The total inventory available for sale.

Allocated: The total inventory allocated to orders which have not yet been shipped.

Inbound PO+Inbound TO: This is the sum of Inbound purchase orders and Inbound transfer orders. The total inventory for which POs have been raised but the inventory has not yet been received + The total inventory for which TOs have been raised but the inventory has not yet been received.

Outbound TO: The total inventory for which TOs have been raised by other facilities but the inventory has not been shipped out yet.

Backorders + Transfer: This is the sum of Backorders and Transfer orders. The additional inventory needed to fulfill orders that have been accepted.

Damaged: Total Inventory which has been marked as damaged and cannot be allocated to orders.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking in Primaseller allows you to keep track of your SKU stock and get low stock reports generated as an when the inventory of the SKU falls below a preset quantity level.

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Updated on May 18, 2020

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