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Inventory History


Inventory history provides an audit of all SKUs in a facility. All inventory changes, order allocations, inbound inventory changes, etc will be recorded and logged in the inventory history section.

Main Menu >> Inventory >> Stock level >> Select a Facility>>View>>History

The inventory history page has the following headers:

Date: The date on which the inventory change has happened. The time of the event will also be recorded in this field.

SKU: The SKU for which the inventory was changed. Records the SKU name and the SKU code.

Type: Type of inventory change. Manual adjustment of stock, damaged stock, allocation of inventory, inward or outbound of stock.

By: Captures the user who made the inventory changes. The name and email Id of the user will be recorded.

Quantity Modified: The quantity of inventory modified for the SKU is displayed here.

View Details: This action opens up a new pop-up displaying the details of the event.

Updated on July 15, 2020

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