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Fulfillments and Shipments

Fulfillments and Shipments are parts of a Sale as well as Transfer Order to depict key grouping.


It represents the collection of items from an order that is intended to be fulfilled from a facility(Standard Location/Warehouse/3PL Location/Dropship Location).

An order does not belong to a location, a fulfillment does.

This gives you the ability to split orders into multiple fulfillments which helps in two scenarios:

  • When you want to ship some items now and some later from the same location
  • When you want to ship some items of an order from one location and the rest from another


A Shipment belongs to the fulfillment and represents a packed set of items to which a Shipment Label can be pasted and shipped using a shipper. A Shipment is the object which is shipped to the customer(in case of sales order) or the other location(in case of a transfer order).

The reason we can have multiple shipments per fulfillment is to enable sending some items with say – shipper A and others with Shipper B. It allows for more flexibility if needed.

Updated on July 14, 2020

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