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Fetching products from an online channel

Products and SKUs can be fetched from Online Channels that are integrated with Primaseller. This will save a lot of time if you are an online seller as you don’t need to create/upload it manually in the system.

Primaseller does not push new item listing on an online channel
We only update inventory and price from Primaseller to your online channels. We do not create new products from Primaseller if they don’t already exist on the channel.

However if you have your catalog all configured on your channels, we can fetch it into our system.

To fetch your catalog option, you first need to create an online channel. Once done, Then navigate to

  • Catalog -> Channel Catalog -> Select Channel
  • Click on Actions and Select Fetch from online channel option.
  • You will then be shown some key settings that decide how the products/SKUs are fetched into Primaseller. The defaults for these settings can be configured on the channels.

Fetch Catalog Configurations

1. Create new SKU’s:

By enabling “Create new SKUs”, a new SKU will automatically be generated for each variation of the products fetched from the channel, into the Master Catalog, as well as the Channel Catalog – if it doesn’t already exist.

2. Add New Inventory

By enabling this the inventory details of the New SKU will be fetched along with the products. You will also need to select the facility, in channel configurations, into which the SKU needs to be fetched.

3. Update SKU attributes

This will fetch updated SKU Name, Description, Brand and Images from the channel to existing products in Master Catalog. If you are fetching the catalog for the first time then you can disable this and schedule a fetch.

4. Substitute SKU Code

Use channel listing id from channel as SKU code for items that do not have SKU codes on the channel. However we do not recommend this. Ideally, you should set valid SKU codes on the items in your online channel for better item identification.

5. Substitute Product Code

Use channel parent listing id from the online channel as Product code in Primaseller. However we do not recommend this. Ideally, you should set valid Product codes on the items in your online channels that have variations, for better item identification.

Once configured, you can select fetch catalog and initiate a sync task. The task will be completed in a few minutes to hours depending on the size of the catalog.

Tasks can be accessed by clicking on the Tasks icon on the top right side of the app as shown below:

Price List Management

The Price list mapped to the channel decides what currency the pricing of items fetched is stored. In case the channel is in say USD and the price list is EUR, then the items fetched will be converted using standard rates and stored in the price list. If this is not something you want, you should ensure that the Price list currency is set as desired.

Updated on October 29, 2020

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