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Customers and Customer Groups

Customers are the people who place orders on your channels. Store credits and on account balances are added against a customer and can be viewed on the customer detail page.

To view orders of a customer navigate to Main Menu >> Customers >> Customer >> View Orders.

On this page, you will be able to see customer details, all the orders of the customer and customer store credits and on account balances.

To view customers navigate to Main Menu >> Customers >> Customers.

Customer Details

Customers have the following details on them,

Basic Customer Details: Basic customer details contains the Customer Group that the customer is assigned to, default payment terms of the customer, notes and tags.

Contacts: Contact contains the Name, Email, and Numbers of the customer.

Addresses: Addresses contain the billing and shipping address of the customer.

Store Credits: Shows the store credit balance of the customer.

On account balances: Shows the on account balances of the customer.

Loyalty Points: Shows the loyalty points owned by the customer.

Average Order Size:

Customer Orders & order items: This tab shows all the orders the customer has placed thus far on your channels. There is a toggle that allows you to see the order items the customer has ordered so far.

Creating a customer

  1. Navigate to Main Menu >> Customers >> Customers >> Add New Customer.
  2. Select the customer type – Consumer or Business.
  3. Give basic customer details.
  4. Give customer contact details.
  5. Give the customer address.
  6. Add any other additional information in notes or custom fields.
  7. Save and a customer will be created.

Customer Groups

Customer groups allow you to classify your customers to have loyalty programs or differential pricing or for the sake of analytics.

Creating Customer Groups

  1. Navigate to Main Menu >> Customers >> Customer Groups >> Create Customer Group
  2. Give the Name and code and save it.
  3. A customer group will be saved.

Price Mapping of Customer Groups

You can map a customer group to a price list. When this is done, the specific pricelist picked for a customer group will be applicable to sale orders involving customers from the customer group.

To assign a price list to a customer group, go to Main Menu >> Customers >> Customer Groups >> Select Customer Group >> Actions >> Edit Price Mapping.

Here you can assign a price list to the customer group.

Click on Customer upload for more details.

Updated on June 19, 2020

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