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Customer Upload

Primaseller Field NameMandatoryData TypeComments
Customer IdNoIntegerThis field is required when you update a customer. In customer details, you can find the customer ID.
Customer TypeNoList of ValuesThis field defines type of customer. Accepted values are Business or Consumer
Company NameNoTextIf your customer is a company fill the name of the company
First NameYesTextFill the First name of the customer.
Last NameNoTextThis is optional to fill the Last name of the customer.
EmailNoTextProvide the email id of your customer.
PhoneNoNumberProvide the contact number of your customer.
Tax ExemptNoBooleanThis field defines if Customer is tax exempted. The values accepted are True/ False or Yes/No or On/Off only.
StatusNoStringTakes values Archive/Archived only.
Billing address line 1YesTextFill up the address of your customer
Billing address line 2NoText 
Billing cityYesTextProvide the name of the city
Billing stateYesTextProvide the name of the state.
Billing postal codeYesNumberProvide the postal code.
Billing countryYesTextProvide the Name of the country
Shipping address line 1YesTextFill up the address of your customer
Shipping address line 2NoText 
Shipping cityYesTextProvide the City name.
Shipping Postal CodeYesNumberProvide the Postal Code.
Shipping countryYesTextProvide the Country name.
TagsNoTextYou can gave a Tag to your customer.
NotesNoTextYou can write some notes if required.

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Updated on June 24, 2020

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