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Custom Fields

A custom field is used to define additional information to the objects such as products, SKUs, Customers etc. You can add Custom Field to fill additional information on objects relevant to your business. There can be up to five custom fields added to each object in Primaseller. You can also define the data type of these custom fields (this is a string by default).

As an example, you can use a custom field in the Product section as “Fabric” later while listing the product you can add the Fabric information of the product as Silk/Cotton/polyester etc. This will help you add every extra and specific information relevant to your business.

  • Click on Settings >> Custom Fields.

Objects that Support Custom Fields

  • Products
  • SKU’s
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase orders
  • Customer
  • Sale order

Configuring Custom Fields

  • Click on Product/ SKU’s/Suppliers/Purchase orders/Customer/Sale order as per your requirement to add custom fields.
  • Click on +Add Custom Field.
  • Fill in the field Name and select the tick mark.
  • The field can be Enabled if the field is required and Disabled if the field is not required.

Updated on May 9, 2020

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