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Creating a Sale order in Primaseller

This article provides an overview about creating a B2B or a Custom Order in primaseller.

Learn to B2B Overview and Configure B2B/Custom channel.

Main menu -> B2B -> Create Order.


Main menu -> Sale orders -> Create Order.

Creating a Sale order

  1. Click on Create Order to place a new order.
  2. Add the customer by searching the customer in the customer search bar.
  3. Add the SKUs to the order.
  4. Add item discount if any is to be applied.
  5. Add an order discount if needed.
  6. Click on Pay.


You can create quotes in Primaseller while creating a B2B or a custom order. This will allow you to edit the order post creation until you finalize it and approve it. A Quote can also be emailed to your customers or printed from within the system.

You can configure the template for quotes from settings -> Templates -> Quote Template

  • Select the ship-by date. Add a PO number if applicable.
  • If any advance is paid, click on Pay in Advance and select the amount and payment method.
  • Click on Create Order, a sale order will be created.

Once an order is created, you can view it to process it or create another order.

Updated on August 8, 2020

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