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Creating a POS order

A POS order can be created using a register of a POS channel. There are 3 types of POS orders:

Instore Orders: The orders which are placed by walk-in customers are called instore orders. These orders are completed instore and the customer walks away with the items after order completion.

DeliveryOrders: These orders are placed in the store, but are delivered later. A customer can walk into your store and place an order but he might prefer the items to be delivered to his address. In such cases, a delivery order can be placed at the POS register.

Pickup Orders: Pickup orders are the orders when a customer walks into your store to buy an item but there is no stock available. In such cases, a pickup order can be placed where you check for the inventory for the item in other stores and place the order for the customer. The customer then picks it up from the other store.

  • To create a POS order navigate to Main Menu >> POS >> Launch Register >> Sale.
  • Add the SKUs to the order. You can search for SKUs using the SKU code or using Barcode.
  • Add discounts if applicable.
  • Search and add the customer to the order.
  • Select the type of order instore or delivery.
  • A customer is not mandatory for an instore order but for a delivery, a customer is mandatory.
  • Select the payment method.
  • Click on complete sale and an order will be created.

Creating a POS return

  • To create a return on a POS order Navigate to Main Menu >> POS >> Launch Register >> Order.
  • Search and select the order for which you want to create a return.
  • Click on create a return to initiate a return.
  • Select the return quantity and the inventory, if inventory is marked as restocked, damaged or lost. You can also create a partial returns.
  • Additional notes can be added using the add note feature.
  • Select the amount to be refunded and the type of refund.
  • You can refund with store credits or you can refund with cash.
  • Select on complete return, the return will be created on the order
Updated on July 10, 2020

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