Catalog Uploads


You can upload the following in your catalog;

  • Products
  • SKUs
  • Categories
  • Service SKUs
  • Pricelist SKUs
  • Bundles

Product Uploads

  • Navigate to Main Menu >> Catalog >> Master Catalog >> Import >> Upload Products via CSV.
  • Select the file that contains your products.
  • Before you upload the file, it is necessary for you to map the headers in your file to the expected Primaseller fields.
  • Refer to the table below to know about the Primaseller fields for products upload.

Please make sure that the file you are uploading is a .csv (comma separated values) file format only.

Primaseller Field Name Mandatory Data Type Comments
ID No Integer Product ID is mandatory if you are updating products using upload.
Product Code Yes String This is the Product Code, If auto-product code is ON then this will be filled automatically
Product Name Yes String  
Category Name No String  
Category ID Yes Integer Category ID should be existing in your Primaseller account and must be picked from categories in the catalog menu.
Has Batches No Boolean This field enables batches for product.Values accepted are True/False only.
Has Warranty No Boolean This field enables warranty for products.Values accepted are True/False only
Has Serial Numbers No Boolean This field enables serial numbers for products.Values accepted are True/False only
Description No Text  
Brand No String  
Tags No List of Values Only Tags added on the account settings are accepted. Multiple tags can be added by semi colon separated values.
Products has more than one Variants No Boolean This field enables multiple variants for products.
Variation Parameters No String For a product, you can add up to 5 Variation parameter. Updating at least one Variation Parameter is mandatory if Has variants is True. Variation parameters which are already added only will be accepted.
Status No String This field describes the status of the product. Values should be ARCHIVED/ ACTIVE only.
Measurement Mode No List of Values This field defines the measurement unit of the products. Values accepted are Whole/Fractional only.
Images No Hyperlink  
Warranty Value No Integer Warranty value is mandatory if “Has warranty” field is True.This is numeric value.
Warranty Period No List of Values Warranty period is mandatory if “Has warranty” is True. Please mention any one of Days, Weeks, Months or Years only.
Custom Fields No String  
Updated on August 11, 2020

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