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Business Units


In Primaseller, your Company represents your parent entity and Brand while Business Units belong to a company representing each Subsidiary, Franchise or a Singular Business entity. You need to have a minimum of one Business Unit. A BU’s details can be the same as the company details for a single BU company.

Most companies have a single Business Unit. If you need to enable multiple Business Units, please contact sales@primaseller.com


  • A Company contains
    • The Master Catalog
    • Customers Database
    • 1 or more Business Units (Mostly 1 BU in case of non multi-national or non-franchisee based setups)
      • A BU contains Channels
      • BUs also contain Facilities that hold Inventory
      • Pricelists belong to a BU
      • Shippers also belong to a BU
Updated on May 9, 2020

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