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Working with Bundles


Bundles are a set of SKUs sold together as a combo. Bundles can be of the following two types:

Bundles of the same SKU: You can create a bundle of the same SKU with multiple quantities. You can thus sell a pack of 6 of a product.

Bundles with different SKUs: You can create a bundle of different SKUs. You can create a combo of a tee shirt and trousers or a table and 4 chairs.

Main Menu >> Catalog >>Master Catalog >> Bundles

Adding Bundles in Primaseller

To add bundles in Primaseller, please navigate to the master catalog from the menu on the left of the dashboard and click on bundles. Here you have the following two ways of adding bundle SKUs:

1) Add new bundle SKU: Allows you to add a new bundle SKU. Fill up the details like Bundle SKU name, Bundle SKU code, and category. Under SKU, search the SKU by name or code that you would like to add to the bundle. Also, provide the bundle SKU pricing and tap on save.

2) Upload via CSV: Allows you to upload multiple Bundle SKUs using a CSV file upload.

Bundle SKU actions

You have three actions for the Bundle SKU.

1) Edit: This action allows you to edit the bundle SKU details.

2) History: Clicking on history will show you the history log of the bundle SKU. Any changes made to the bundle SKU will be recorded here and can be viewed at any point in time to know the activity on the bundle SKU.

3) Archive: This action allows you to archive the bundle SKU. It won’t be available for sale once archived.

How Inventory works with bundles.

Bundles do not have an inventory of their own, their inventory is sourced from their child SKUs.

Let us say that a bundle SKU Bundle1 consists of child SKUs Child1 and Child 2.

If the quantities of Child1 and Child2 are 24 and 15 respectively then the Bundle SKU will have an inventory of 15, as you can possibly create 15 bundles with the available inventory of Child SKUs.

The stock qty of a Bundle always talks about possibility and not pre-packaged bundles. This means that the child items are stocked independently and can be sold individually as well as a bundle – a choice to assemble the bundle can be made if you received an order for it.

If you have bundles that are always pre-packaged and their child items are never sold loosely, then we recommend that you treat them as standard SKUs and NOT bundles.

To check the inventory of bundle please navigate to Main Menu >>Inventory>>Bundle Stock.

Select the facility and the available stock for your bundle SKUs will be displayed.

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Updated on September 11, 2020

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