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Barcode printer setup

**This tutorial explains configuring a barcode label printers for MS Windows only but you can use these broad references for an understanding of what needs to be done in an Apple environment**

Configure Printer

The following steps will guide you to setup your printer to print Primaseller generated barcodes:

  1. Install the printer drivers/software from the CD/DVD you received with your printer
  2. For installation, please follow the guidelines provided by the printer’s vendor
  3. After installation, go to Devices and Printers and select your printer in General Settings.barcode_printer_12
  4. Click on Printing Preferences to open preferences
  5. In the Page Setup tab, add a new stock with appropriate dimensions of your paper roll in inches or any unit available in the optionsbarcode_printer_3
  6. Add the Label size and Exposed Liner Width. Although these are standard values, if during printing the label’s left/right margins get cut off, you will need to do some ‘hit & trial’ with the values here to set the margins correctly.

 7. Printing two labels in a row?
We generate a PDF of two side-by-side labels as a single page and hence the label width of the printer config should be twice the actual label when printing two in a row (factor in gaps between two labels on the row as well).

Hence, if your label width is 50mm and you have a 1 mm gap, the page width on the printer should be 50 + 1 + 50 = 101mm.


8. Click OK to save the new stock created. Set the newly created configuration as default configuration to print Primaseller generated labels.

9. Now on Primaseller, set the Barcode template with dimensions that match your page size dimensions, and also provide the information of Barcode type, and Pricelist then click on save. (Navigation: Settings > Templates> Barcode Templates).

10. Navigate to the Inventory section from the left panel under Catalog click on Stock Levels. Click on the Print barcodes icon next to the SKU for which you want to print the barcode.

11. Select the relevant Barcode template (Use Default Template or Select other templates)Provide the number of copies to be generated, and click on Print.

12. Primaseller will generate a PDF file which can be fed to the printer for printing labels.

Optimal Configuration Settings

Thermal printer configuration settings that usually work best are depicted through the following screenshots:


  • Test your barcode with only 1 or 2 labels first to make sure you are getting accurate prints based on your settings
  • In case any of the margins get cut off, then repeat step numbers 3 to 4 (till you reach Printing Preferences) and click on Advanced Options.barcode_printer_6
  • Set your vertical/horizontal offsets herebarcode_printer_5The more accurate the dimensions you provide, the more accurate will be the barcodes you print.
  • These settings are with respect to TSC TTP-244 Plus printer and may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your printer

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Updated on September 14, 2020

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