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Here’s a list of frequently asked questions with Primaseller

How does Pricing work with Primaseller?

Please checkout https://www.primaseller.com/pricing

Was this FAQ page made this way?

It absolutely was, and it took less than 3 minutes. Imagine reducing support mail in just 3 minutes with a simple FAQ.

How do I add the FAQ page to the WordPress navigation menu?

Once you’ve created and saved your FAQ page. From the WordPress dashboard, select Appearance > Menus. From the panel on the left select Pages > FAQ and Add To Menu. You can drag and drop the menu item to reorder it within the menu.  Hit Save Menu when your done.

How easy it to manage?

You can edit your FAQ at any time, just like any other WordPress page.

I still have questions?

Be sure to explore the rest of this demo to see all the features of the KnowAll theme.